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FEA Structural Engineering Services offered by ibmv:

Linear Static Analysis. Structural deformation and stress field computed according to:

  • Classification society rules
  • Client requirements
  • CFD coupling – surface pressure used as a FEA boundary condition

Eigen Frequency Analysis. Calculation of the modes and frequency of vibration of components and structures, inlcuding hydrodynamic added mass for submerged structures

Non-Linear Static Analysis. Examples of non-linear static behaviour include:

  • Plasticity and other non-linear material behaviour
  • Non-linear contact analysis in machinery

Non-Linear Dynamic Response Calculations. ibmv performs under contract calculations for the shock loading of ship structures and hull appendages. The calculations are performed according to the following regulations:

  • NATO STANAG 4142 – Shock Resistance Analysis of Equipment for Surface Ships
  • Individual national requirements such as, Bauvorschrift für Schiffe der Bundeswehr 043 Schocksicherheit
  • Classification society standards

These are transient calculations based on pressure loading of the ship structure. The CAE model includes the double bottom and/or the double hull structure of the vessel. Prescribed pressure loading based on a specific amount of TNT exploding at a specific distance and depth from the ship. Results for ship hull structures show areas where structural failure is likely. New projects discussed on request.

Composite Material Engineering. Engineering of light weight composites to replace traditional steel structures and components. New projects discussed on request.

The von Mises stresses on a leading head structure.

The von Mises stresses on the internal structure of a head box and rudder.

Contact area modelling in a bearing assembly.

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